2024 Bell to Belle’s Fundraiser

Bell to Belle's Ski Race: Like No Race on Earth.

Our favorite time of year is here- the 2nd annual Bell to Belle's Ski Race Fundraiser located right in Vail!


The Story

A tale as old as time, it's a race that was created by a simple question between friends: "What is the best route to Belle's Camp?" Which, surprisingly, yielded many unique answers over the years! So we decided to put the question to the test and host the Bell to Belle’s Ski Race Fundraiser- the “Bell” represents a bell that is rung to signal the start of the race, and “Belle’s” Camp is a small hut located in the Back Bowls of Vail. Last year was our pilot year with about 30 participants who put their routes to Blue Sky to the test! A very special shout out to locally born and raised ski racer, Christian Apps, who took first place wearing his high school ski race outfit!

Last Year's Winner!
The Race & Rules

The race is simple- racing participants will gather at a location in Vail Village the morning of the race (location and time TBD). When the bell rings, it will be a mad dash to get to Belle's Camp in Blue Sky as fast as you can!

Cardinal rules:

1. Cheating is strongly encouraged (aka cutting in line, skinning up from Red Cliff, hiring a helicopter to drop you off, etc).

2. You cannot touch, hide, obstruct, or destroy another participant or their gear (skis, poles, boards, etc), as this will result in disqualification from the race.

3. The first racer to cross the finish line at Belle's Camp wins! A pretty steezy first place prize, might we add.
We will then have a celebratory Apres at Belle's Camp with food, drinks, games, and more! All of which are included in your sign-up fee. Your fee also provides each participant with a Racing Kit filled with day-of necessities and swag, while supporting our cause.
The Cause
Sign up to be a part of the big day or donate to the cause. 100% of the profits made will help to perpetuate our nonprofit's mission of driving health equity across Eagle County so each community member can receive equal access to care. The funds raised will help us deliver our health care services to teachers, ski instructors, auto body shop workers, local business owners and their employees, and more. Any amount you choose to donate is greatly appreciated
Thank you all and we hope you can be a part of the 2024 Bell to Belle's Ski Race Fundraiser. Like No Race on Earth.
Race Day Info

THEME: The theme of the 2024 Bell to Belle’s Fundraiser is “Mom & Dad Apres”. We will have a few items in your swag bag to celebrate this unique theme, but hope you steal your Dad’s retro ski jacket or your Mom’s tight ski onesie for this year’s event!

PRE-RACE: We will be meeting at Vail Village’s new grab-and-go restaurant, First Chair, on the day of the race at 8:30am. We will be purchasing each participant 2 drinks of their choice (beer, cocktail, juice, water, etc); we will then ring the race bell around 9:30/9:45am in which racers will begin from the bar. Don’t miss the bell and study your routes!

SPONSORSHIP: A huge shoutout to Mom Water and their team for their amazing support and sponsorship for 2024 Bell to Belle’s. Their generous donation contributed to some of the race swag and completely inspired our “Mom & Dad Apres” theme. Thank you, Mom & Dad!

PRIZE: Other than bragging rights to best skier on the mountain, we will present the first place winner with custom etched beer steins.

Racing Participant Sign-Up Registration

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Fee Includes:

-Race Registration

-Race day swag bag

-First place prize

-2 prepaid drinks at First Chair

-Food, games and fun at Belle’s Camp

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